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Why Massage Can be the First Choice for Pain

History chronicles massage treatment as one of the oldest methods of healing. In fact, it has been part of a tradition in many cultures of the world, including the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Indians, and Chinese. The therapeutic powers of massage in its treatment of various ailments could never be understated.

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Positive Mind-Setting for a Successful Massage Career

Have you ever wondered why certain individuals choose the massage therapy profession? What is in the job that attracts them? Massage therapists are often caretakers, happy when they are helping others. It’s a financially rewarding career and it’s also satisfying to know that the work you do helps people feel

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Massage Therapy: Helpful in Treating Sports Injuries

Gone are the days when massage therapy was viewed as just a pampering session. While massage therapy is a great way to relax your mind and body,  it also offers a lot of health benefits, and each type of massage caters to and can target specific concerns for different situations,

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Science Supports Massage Therapy for Health and Well-Being

Since 2006, the American Massage Therapy Association has published Position Statements on massage therapy. These are statements about massage therapy that are backed by scientific research to the point that the organization, which has been in existence for almost 80 years and has chapters in all 50 states, feels they

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Testimonial of The Massage Professional

I like the fact that it was so easy to take. I was actually taking it while I was at work and managed to do it at the same time.
Rhawnie W.
Massage Professional
Useful! It was fast, efficient. Good value for your money. Allows therapists to work at their convenience with no loss of work time.
Fabriza M.
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Educational. Easy to navigate and understand. Well done and am happy with the overall experience.
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It is well delivered, a great review and presents new information for my professional use. I liked it and will take it again.
John C.
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